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Act! V21 the latest release of the highly acclaimed CRM Software from Swiftpage is now available.

1st Computer Consultancy can provide a turnkey solution for the Act! Software, providing both the Professional and Premium versions server nad web based. We recommend a structured implementation of the software to gain the Maximum benefits for your Business needs. We can Design the Database structure to your Company’s requirements, provide the necessary Training, provide Support and Technical assistance and after sales service.

Versions of ACT available, ACT! Pro 1-5 user, Premium Versions on Subscription only 1-100. Premium, Premium Plus and Premium Cloud.

”A simple but powerful contact management system, the New ACT! by Swiftpage centralises your contact information,organises your diary, tracks sales leads and can organise marketing campaigns and links with sage”

ACT! helps organize all your prospect and customer details in one place and market your products and services more effectively, driving sales results while creating customers for life.Act! helps organize all your prospect and customer details in one place and market your products and services more effectively, driving sales results while creating customers for life. With the recent introduction of Premium Plus users can now have their own customised Tables specific to their Business with Industry Templates available.

act softwareBook a DemonstrationAct handheld

Act! Pro gives you the full picture. View all relationship interactions and communication

 history for your system and everyone you do business with. Act! Pro seamlessly

integrates with apps like Office, Outlook®, Google™, Facebook®, and LinkedIn®. It’s perfect for individuals and teams of up to 10 people.

Contacts, Groups & Companies

Notes & History

Tasks, Calendar & Activities

Opportunity Tracking

Outlook®, Google®, Dropbox and social integration

Integrated Emarketing Services

Best Practice Process Automation

Dashboards & Reports

Mobile and Marketplace Solutions Available¹

Team Access to a Central Database via Windows®, Web, and Mobile

Group Scheduling

Group Dashboards and Reports

Enhanced Security Settings

Advanced Admin Options

HTML5-based Mobile Included

Hosting Options Available

Insight Dashboards

For workgroups and sales teams who need additional scale, security, and collaboration through central databases. Mobile access included and hosting option available.

Support and Training on site.

As an Act! ACC and Business partner we are able to help your Business who may be new to Act! Or and existing user. As the Act! Software comes - right ‘out of the box’ product and will not fit your business, we customize your Act! CRM program to best reflect your company's needs to increase your productivity and profitability, including reports that show your results. Provide support and on going help. We also provide ACT! Addons software written for ACT! with great features and functionality including Durkin Reports and Exponencial customised Layouts.

Act! Professional 1 to 5 user

Swiftpage Act! CRMSales Consultancy TrainingAct! is the #1 selling Contact and Customer Relationship Software

As Act! Certified Consultants (ACC) we are an exclusive group of independent, trained, and authorized professionals who specialize in helping you implement Act! to run your business better we have to have accreditation to Supply and Support the software.

Act! CRM New Premium cloud subscription ACT! CRM Connecting your Business Act Premium  Professional Cloud Emarketing Software Support and Training on site Site Visits Consultancy Demonstrations Planning Design Setup Configuration Installation Training Support Sales act premium software Support and Training on-site Design and Implementation of Act! 1st Computer Consultancy and ACT!


act email marketingACC (Act! Certified Consultant)30-40% Trade in for Act! 2013 Expires December 2015Support from £150 2 User Act!ACT! Software and Training from ACT! Certified ConsultantsAct! Premium Cloud from £30 per month

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Contact us for your ACT Software sales upgrades Training and support

ACT! Version 19ACT! And how it can help your businessNew Features and Enhancements

Act! Professional Features

Act! Premium 1 to 100 users

Act! Premium Features + Pro

Call for the Latest Pricing and and Training AvailabilityAct! CRM imageACT! is the #1 selling Contact and Customer Relationship Software




Try Or Buy the Latest Version of ACT! Premium CloudACT New Desktop v20

Web Based ACT! Subscription, access from an Internet connection, Includes majority of all client based functionality. New Premium Plus Customization of your own Tables. Flexible CRM complimenting your own Business processes.

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1st Computer Consultancy for all your ACT! Software Requirements. Professional Service, Quick Response to your Business needs Installation, Training,Support, Upgrades Provision of ACT! Professional, Premium, Premium Plus, E-Marketing Software and Premium Cloud for the Web.

act premium software New Premium cloud subscription New Features and Enhancements

FeatureQuick Access to Act! Details

Enjoy quick access to your Act! contacts, activities, notes, and history from your mobile device2.

Clear activities, schedule follow-ups—all the key tasks you perform in Act! are just as obvious in Handheld Contact.

Powerful Mobility Features Benefit from powerful mobility features, including alarms on your device for Act! Activities,

caller ID for your Act! contacts, history creation based on texts or emails from your device, voice-to-text, and more.

Easy to Setup, Easy to UseAnyone can setup Handheld Contact—it’s easy to install. It’s simple to use as well, because Handheld Contact is a native mobile app that’s easy to navigate and doesn’t rely on the internet.

Customisable Act! can be tailored to meet your unique business needs, so your mobile app should be too. That's why Handheld Contact has a variety of customisation features you control, giving you access to meaningful Act! Data.  Secure with No Dependencies

Handheld Contact doesn’t require you to setup and configure servers or use other third-party apps or services. Your data is encrypted during syncing and not permanently stored.  HIPPAA Compliant Security with Handheld Contact Secure + Choose Handheld Contact Secure + for HIPPAA compliant features that add another layer of security, give admins greater control, and ensure local Handheld Contact data on the device is encrypted.

Handheld Contact is a native mobile app you install on your device making it possible to deliver a productive, hassle-free experience. You'll never waste time waiting for a mobile site to load or have to use your phone's pre-installed contact or calendar apps as an Act! substitute.

Enjoy Act!

Access to contacts, activities, notes, and history. Clear activities, schedule follow-ups, and create, modify, delete as you would in Act!. All the key tasks you do in Act! on your computer are just as obvious and simple in Handheld Contact.

Sage 50 Link

ACT! Link for Sage Accounts

Has been specifically designed to work with the latest editions of Sage 50 Accounts

As well as the automatic linking process Act! Link for Accounting allows users to link, re-link or unlink individual records manually giving them full control of the process.

Using Act! and Accounts but tired of constantly swapping between them? Save you and your business time with the new Act! Link for Accounting! It’s easy to link your records together giving your Act! users the ability to view important Accounts information within Act!

It’s not just a way to view information. Act! users that also have access to Sage Accounts can create invoices and sales orders directly from the linked Act! record**.

Create powerful searches, groups, reports and more within Act! using the accounting data available directly on linked Contact or Company records.

Features of The New Sage 50 Link

Keep your data safe! Act! Link for Accounting works one way with information being pulled into Act! and kept within new fields specially created for the purpose, so your existing data remains safe and sound.

Keep Act! records fully up to date with new Accounts data. You can use your Accounts data to update standard Act! data such as the Company address. Don’t worry though, this is an individual manual process that can’t happen accidentally so your data remains safe!

Link records en masse with the automatic linking feature! No need to individually link records, the simple automatic link process allows you to link both Companies and Contacts to records in Accounts at the push of a button saving you lots of time and effort.

Created a new customer record in Act!, and need the same record in Accounts?  No problem! The new link provides the ability to create new Customers in Accounts by using the data you have already entered into Act!. As the information goes across, the records are also linked in the process.  Scheduled automatic updating means that you never need to worry about keeping your linked records up to date. The schedule is chosen by you, so can happen as often as you like, you’re in full control.


Act! CRM image

Act! Link for Accounting works with: Sage Accounts version 21 and higher Act! version 17 and higher Desktop Operating Systems - Windows 7 or higher Server Operating Systems – Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher

New Features and Enhancements


Act Handheld ContactAct Handheld ContactNew Features and EnhancementsAdobeAdobe ACT Certified ConsultantAct Handheld ContactNew Features and EnhancementsPremium Plus Custom TablesNew! Opportunity PipelinePremium Plus Custom Tables version

ACT! Portfolio

V20 whats New

ACT! Companion

Latest Version 21 Handheld Contact APP for Iphone and Android for ACT contacts Line ACT Busines Partner ACT Silver Partner act consultant

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T: 01704 833588

Act! Premium Plus

Custom Tables Manager

Industry Template Library

AMA Features at-a-glance


There are 2 Template editors to use:

Drag-and-Drop and WYSIWYG

Easy to create templates or import your own

Drip Marketing

Create intelligent email campaigns that can send automatically on a schedule

Can be based on triggers or actions of your previous recipients

Landing Pages/Web Activity

Great way of creating webforms for leads and opt-ins to your email campaigns

Use HTML script to embed forms into your website

Act Marketing Automation

V19 Act! What’s New BriefV19 Act! What’s New BriefV19 Act! What’s New BriefV19 Act! What’s New Brief

V21 Whats New Brochure

V21 whats New

Training Session Plan For ACT

ACT! Training For Admin and Users

ACT Software Act! CRM image 1stWebsite Design @Circa 2016

ACT Emarketing Act! CRM image ACT Emarketing

V20 Requirements

Emarketing Prices and Options

V20 Compare Products

Email marketing remains the most cost-effective way to grow your business. With Act! emarketing, it's easy to drive sales and stay in front of your customers using professional, mobile-friendly emails you create, send, and track from within Act!.

See Version Table for your E-Marketing Campaign.

Emarketing Prices and Options

Create attention-getting promotional emails, Happy Birthday notes, renewal notices, e-newsletters, and so much more using the intuitive drag-and-drop template editor. Easily personalise templates to fit your brand or import your own HTML files for a completely custom campaign.

Ensure customers take notice of your emails with personalisation options, like dynamic data integration and eye-catching images. Upload and host documents and images that can be used to enhance your emails, then easily those assets in your emails.

NEW! AMA ACT Marketing Automation

* Professional Perpetual Licence

Premium Subscription based

ACT Certified Consultant

Campaign management: Send beautiful, responsive email campaigns to your Act! contacts and groups. Dynamically merge fields into your campaigns from Act!

Interactive template editor: Build responsive email campaigns using the interactive template editor. Get started with 25 sample templates, and then customize imagery, colors, fonts, and more to fit your brand. Import photos from repositories like Dropbox or use one of over 500,000 free, high-quality stock photos via Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay.

Mobile & desktop preview: View desktop and mobile email campaign previews to ensure your images, copy, and other campaign components render perfectly before you send.

Social sharing: Publish campaigns to social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to engage your social networks and expand your reach. Drive traffic to your social networks with social buttons in the footer of your campaigns

Drip marketing: Build multi-stage drip campaigns using the visual campaign workflow designer to send a series of automated campaigns or communications to your prospects and customers. View email statistics and manage subscribers in each stage of your drip campaigns.

AMA Workflow

Surveys: Create online surveys and polls using multiple question types, including radio buttons, sliders, ratings, and more to gather information about your prospects and customers. Responses are mapped to fields in Act! automatically for richer prospect and customer profiles.

Real-time campaign metrics: View real-time campaign metrics, covering opens, clicks, and comparative stats per campaign or company-wide against a time range you apply to understand the success of your campaigns and improve your marketing strategy over time. Individual campaign results push to Act! contact records automatically for a detailed interaction history.

CRM workflow with prioritized sales follow-up: Automate workflow between sales and marketing to maximize engagement at every phase of the customer journey. Watch as Act! Marketing Automation turns real-time response metrics into sales actions—alerting you of new prospects, prioritizing follow-ups, and delivering a delivering a composite view of engagement in a single solution. Notify Act! users via email and create Act! activities and opportunities automatically based on campaign and website interactions completed lead forms and surveys.

NEW! Version 21 AMA ACT Marketing Automation

Response-driven nurture marketing: Build highly personalized, response-driven nurture marketing campaigns using the visual campaign workflow designer and let Act! Marketing Automation do the work for you. Campaigns are automatically triggered by recipient responses, based on criteria you define.

Advanced lead capture & surveys: Take lead capture and surveys to the next level with advanced forms and surveys that allow further actions in Act! Create Act! activities and opportunities automatically based on recipient responses. Send notifications to Act! users when responses come in. Even load contacts into specific campaigns automatically.  interested. See who’s been on your site today, yesterday, this week, last week, or the last 30 days. Gain rich insights with the web intel dashboard for visitor profiling, interactions per visit, visitor bounce rates, traffic sources, and entry and exit pages. Web visits feed into lead scoring profiles and create activities for sales follow-ups in Act! automatically.

Workflow Chart

AMA Plans AMA Plans and Pricing

Event marketing: Host successful webcasts, tradeshows, and more with a nurture template designed for marketing events. Send event invitations, gather registration information, track attendees, send thank you emails, and more.

Lead management & scoring: Use lead scoring to understand your most interested prospects based on campaign engagement, survey/web form responses, and website interactions. Prioritized leads are pushed into Act! groups automatically for easy sales follow-up. Set up automated tasks and alerts in Act! to keeps deals moving and close sales faster.

Website activity tracking & analytics: Identify prospects on your website in real-time to engage with them when they are most

A/B testing: Test specific elements of two campaigns to pinpoint your most impactful subject lines, email content, and more. Use the results to continually improve your content.

HTML email editor: Import and edit your existing HTML campaign templates using the WYSIWYG email editor or build new HTML campaigns from scratch. Multi-stage lead profiling: Gather information about a prospect over time with multi-stage lead profiling. Steadily build a rich prospect profile within Act!

Plans and Pricing

Campaign Metrics

AMA Plans

 AMA Features at-a-glance

 Templates - There are 2 Template editors to use: Drag-and-Drop and WYSIWYG

 Easy to create templates or import your own  Drip Marketing

 Create intelligent email campaigns that can send automatically on a schedule

 Can be based on triggers or actions of your previous recipients Landing Pages/Web Activity

 Great way of creating webforms for leads and opt-ins to your email campaigns

 Use HTML script to embed forms into your website

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V21 Whats New Brochure

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